How coffee beans are roasted

How Coffee Beans Are Roasted: Professional Coffee Roasting Process

Roasting coffee beans is a whole process that is really cool and important at the same time. Well if you want to really enjoy the taste and flavor of coffee then it involves roasting it. Roasting coffee beans brings out the actual flavor and essence as it turns the green coffee bean into brown coffee beans.

So the roasting process makes the coffee beans crunchy, flavorsome and dark brown which is when poured into the cup then gives you a great taste. It really matters as at what temperature the entire process of roasting has been done. If you are looking for a perfect coffee so you really need to understand the roasting process and how it is done.

One can roast the coffee at home too but he needs to have certain equipment in order to get the finely roasted beans to enjoy a cup of coffee. Without roasting of the coffee beans, you can never enjoy the real taste of the coffee.

The roasting process is not that hard one so one should consider it seriously and then focus on every step involved in it because even if you make a single mistake in handling it right then you end up with not so accurate results.

Coffee lovers want the taste of their coffee out of this world. This can only happen only if the roasting is done properly and all the conditions are fulfilled.

Coffee is actually a fruit that is going through different stages and then gets refined. Normally we get to enjoy the dark brown coffee beans but we do go through the entire roasting process of coffee. It’s actually really interesting with all the little detailing. There are different roasting types too like light roasts, medium roasts, medium-dark roasts, and dark roasts.

How coffee beans are roasted

Now let’s talk about the different roasts we come across:-


So in this type, the coffee turns light brown in color which shows that it is roasted mildly and the oil is also there on the surface while normally there isn’t any oil as the roasting is done for a longer time.


In this, the color of the beans is relatively darker than the light roast ones. The flavor of this coffee bean is strong and normally it is used mostly in the United States and that’s why it is also known as American roasts.


This kind of bean is dark in color. It is considered to be rich and hard. Also on top of that, you’ll figure out some oil on the surface too which might result into slightly bitter taste.


Finally the darkest and blackish coffee beans it is. So the darker roast makes the coffee taste great and reduces the acidity. The taste is close to bitter mostly.

So there are some great different types of roasts available too. If a person has got a really wide range of varieties then he is happy and figures out the most accurate one for them. It is highly convenient for a lot of people getting this advantage. A lot of people prefer not so hard and some prefer the hard ones.

So let’s get into the entire process from scratch to the end and discover how the roasting process takes place.

STEP 1:-

So here you have to select the roaster first, it can be hot-air roaster or drum roaster. You can select any one of them depending on your requirements. As soon as you select the roaster you start with the roasting process now.

STEP 2:-

In this step now you make sure to put in the green coffee which is the raw form in the roaster. So as soon as the temperature reaches the desired range it starts spinning and that’s when the roasting process begins in the hot drum. There are some paddles inside the roaster that really settles the entire roasting process.

STEP 3:-

In this step, they take the initial five minutes to heat the coffee in order to bring the coffee near roasting temperature. They make sure to maintain the moisture and perform this part of the process real quick.

In this step, the color of the coffee bean also changes from green to yellow and the smell of the bean starts changing too. As the process goes on you’ll discover more of the changes.

STEP 4:-

So finally in this step, the coffee bean is exposed to low temperature. They make sure that the internal moisture is maintained and they should be able to feel the aroma of the bean changing. They should keep a constant check on the temperature specifically and keep adjusting it as per the requirement.

Also in this step, the color of the bean changes too, from yellow to light brown. The smell of the bean gets close to baking bread. This step plays a great role.

STEP 5:-

So this is that one step in which you can finally come across a clear picture of how it is going to be very soon. For like after five more minutes you can see the developed coffee bean. You can also hear a noise as the coffee bean expands within due to carbon dioxide and water vapors.

During this, the internal pressure falls down and the gases are then able to escape easily which then results in the most appropriate temperature, pressure, and moisture for the purpose of flavor development.

STEP 6:-

Now in the coffee, you’ll come across a different flavor of the coffee. At this point, the flavor reaches the medium roast. Also, the color of the bean starts changing into the brown. So you will now experience a dark brown color.

STEP 7:-

So every coffee takes a different time in getting roasted. The time differs from the quality of coffee which differs from one another. The coffee has some specific temperature at which it had been roasted and also the time it has taken till the completion of the process.

STEP 8:-

Now, this is the last and the ultimate step in the roasting procedure. In this, the coffees are considered to be dark roasted and the taste gets completely developed to a new one. You now can experience a completely different taste and the color changes from light brown to actual dark brown.

The shape really doesn’t change most of the time. Roasting helps in bringing out the flavor and aroma hidden inside the coffee.

This is how the roasting process takes place and ends like.

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We hope that you will get a clear idea after reading how coffee beans are roasted. Let’s conclude in the most relatable manner. So the entire process of roasting coffee beans from the raw form is really a job because a little bit of unwanted temperature fluctuation can cause great damage, make sure to keep a strict check on every step and temperature, pressure, moisture, etc.

Roasting coffee is a really important process to refine the coffee and extract its essence in the cup and enjoy the final taste. For enjoying a better taste one has to do every step with a clear focus on that in order to get the desired results.

As the world is moving towards advancement and modernization so one can easily find what he is really looking for as every single product has got a number of its variants. In the case of coffee, you can figure out exactly what you are looking for as there are different types of coffee available. Make sure to get what you want as per your taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does coffee have to be roasted?

The roasting process is mandatory for coffee beans as it maintains a decent aroma and taste in your coffee. Coffee is a heavy drink and that’s the reason it needs to be roasted at high temperature to cheer you up.

What is the process for roasting coffee beans?

The roasting process is not a simple task. Great care is needed for that. Roasting is done at small, medium and high levels. It can be done at home or in the industry. Light, medium and high-temperature roasting can be done for roasting coffee beans.

How long does it take to roast coffee beans?

Normally we get to enjoy the dark brown coffee beans but we do go through the entire roasting process of coffee. That depends on the size of your coffee grains. On average, it is 10 – 15 minutes. 10 minutes for the small and 15 minutes for large batches.

What temperature do you roast coffee beans at?

The Coffee beans need to be roasted at high temperatures so that you can enjoy that in every sip of your coffee. The high temperature helps to break them into smaller pieces that help them easily to dissolve.

You can observe a typical color and taste change when these beans modify after facing the high temperature. Light roasts of coffee beans can take place between 180 – 205 degrees and beyond that temperature dark roasting starts.

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